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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Insurance Claim Automation: The AIVI-Car-Scanner could be used to quickly process auto claims by identifying, categorizing, and documenting damage found on a vehicle. This will significantly speed up the claims process and minimize manual or human error.

  2. Vehicle Maintenance Shops: This model would be invaluable to vehicle repair and maintenance shops. They could use it to systematically spot and record damage during inspections, aiding in creating accurate records and providing quotations for repairs.

  3. Vehicle Rental Services: Car rental companies can use this model to detect and document any damages when cars are rented and returned. It will help verify damage claims and ensure customers are charged appropriately for any dents or damages incurred during rental periods.

  4. Car Resale Platforms: Online platforms dealing with used cars can integrate this model to check the condition of cars and provide a detailed damage report for potential buyers. This would provide transparency about car conditions and facilitate trusted transactions.

  5. Automotive Manufacturing Quality Control: Manufacturers can use the model as a part of their quality control process to ensure cars are in pristine condition before they leave the factory. Any detected defects during manufacturing process on various parts can then be corrected promptly before shipment.

Trained Model API

This project has a trained model available that you can try in your browser and use to get predictions via our Hosted Inference API and other deployment methods.

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Broken - On Back Bumper Center Broken - On Back Bumper Right Broken - On Back Right Door Broken - On Front Bonnet Broken - On Front Bumper Broken - On Front Bumper Grill Broken - On Front Bumper Left Broken - On Front Bumper Right Broken - On Front Door Left Broken - On Front Door Right Broken - On Front Fender Left Broken - On Front Fender Right Broken - On Front Headlight Right Broken - On Front Left Head Lamp Broken - On Front NamePlate Broken - On Front Right Bumper Broken - On Front Right Fog Lamp Broken - On Left Tail Lamp Broken - On Rear Bumper Right Broken - On Rear Door Left Broken - On Rear Fender Left Broken - On Rear Headlight Left Broken - On Rear Headlight Right Broken - On Rear Quarter Panel Broken - On Rear Quarter Panel Right Broken - On Right Side Back Door Broken - On Right Tail Light Dent - On Front Left Bumper Dent - On Front Left Door Dent - On Front Left Fender Dent - On Front Right Bumper Dent - On Front Right Door Dent - On Front Right Fender Dent - On FrontDoor Left Dent - On Rear Boot Left Dent - On Rear Boot Right Dent - On Rear Boot Top Dent - On Rear Bumper Left Dent - On Rear Bumper Right Dent - On Rear Door Left Dent - On Rear Door Right Dent - On Rear Quarter Left Dent - On Rear Quarter Right Dent - On RearBack Door Dents - On Front Bonnet Dents - On Front Fender Left Dents - On Rear BootRight Headlights Logo - Audi Present Front Side Logo - Audi Present Rear Side Logo - BMW Present Front Side Logo - Benz Present Front Side Logo - Chevrolet Present Front Side Logo - Chevrolet Present RearSide Logo - Ford Present Rear Side Logo - Hyundai Present Front Side Logo - KIA Present Rear Side Logo - Lexus Present Front Side Logo - Lexus Present Rear Side Logo - Mazda Present Rear Side Logo - Missing Front Side Logo - Mitsubishi Present Rear side Logo - Nissan Present Front Side Logo - Nissan Present Rear Side Logo - Renault Present Front Side Logo - Suzuki Present Front Side Logo - Toyota Present Front Side Logo - Toyota Present Rear Side Logo - Volkswagen Present Back Side Logo - Volkswagen Present Front Side Scratches - ON Rear Door Left Scratches - On Back Bumper Scratches - On Back Left Bumper Scratches - On Back RightBumper Scratches - On Bonnet Scratches - On Front Bumper Scratches - On Front Door Left Scratches - On Front Left Bumper Scratches - On Front Left Fender Scratches - On Front Right Bumper Scratches - On Front Right Door Scratches - On Front Right Fender Scratches - On Rear Bumper Right Scratches - On Rear Door Right Scratches - On Rear Fender Left Scratches - On Rear Quarter Panel Scratches - On Rear Quarter Panel Right Taillights - Present Left Side Taillights - Present Right Side

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