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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Aquatic Research: Research institutions or marine biologists can use the "fish-images" model to identify various fish species in underwater imagery, thus aiding in ecological surveys, biodiversity studies, and in monitoring of fish populations.

  2. Fishing Industry: The commercial fishing industry can employ the model to distinguish between various fish classes in their catch. This could assist in identifying and separating endangered or non-target species, promoting sustainable fishing practices.

  3. Aquarium Management: In aquariums, the model can help in recognizing different fish species for inventory control, health assessment, and care protocols. It can contribute to a better understanding of species-specific behaviors.

  4. Recreational Fishing App: An app can use the model to help recreational fishers identify the kinds of fish they catch. This can also include information about regulations and whether a specific type of fish can be legally kept or needs to be released.

  5. Environmental Conservation: The model could be integrated with underwater drones or observation platforms to monitor marine ecosystems, helping conservationists detect the presence of invasive species or monitor the recovery of endangered species.

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