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The Fire and Smoke Detection Dataset is a comprehensive collection of images and annotations specifically curated for training object detection models, such as YOLOv8, to recognize and classify instances of fire and smoke in various real-world scenarios. This dataset is designed to empower computer vision applications for early fire detection, safety monitoring, and disaster prevention.

Key Features:

Image Variety: The dataset includes a diverse range of images captured from different sources, encompassing indoor and outdoor environments, different lighting conditions, and various perspectives.

Annotation: Each image in the dataset is meticulously annotated with bounding boxes that precisely delineate the regions containing fire and smoke. This high-quality annotation facilitates accurate model training.

Data Size: The dataset comprises thousands of annotated images, providing a substantial amount of training data to ensure the robustness and generalization of your YOLOv8 model.

Realistic Scenarios: Images include realistic scenarios such as fire outbreaks in buildings, industrial settings, forests, and more. The presence of smoke underlines the potential dangers.

Safety and Security: By utilizing this dataset, you can develop applications that contribute to safety and security by automatically detecting and alerting to fire and smoke incidents.

Use Cases:

Fire and smoke detection systems for buildings and public spaces Early warning systems for forest fires Industrial safety applications Disaster response and monitoring Detection of wildfires Environmental monitoring

License: The Fire and Smoke Detection Dataset is available under MIT License. Data Access: You can access and download the dataset from Roboflow.com, where you will find the images, annotations, and any additional resources needed for training your YOLOv8 model.

Citation: If you use this dataset in your research or projects, please consider citing it as follows:

fire and smoke detection. https://universe.roboflow.com/middle-east-tech-university/fire-and-smoke-detection-hiwia. Roboflow, 2023.

Acknowledgments: We would like to acknowledge the contributors and annotators who made this dataset possible, as well as the Roboflow team for hosting and maintaining it.

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