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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Gaming Content Categorization: The model could potentially be used in gaming platforms and forums to categorize posted content, such as images or videos, which feature 'Alita' and 'Poro' characters. This could help improve user experience by allowing accurate content filtering and searching.

  2. Augmented Reality Games: In AR games where 'Alita' and 'Poro' are characters, this model can be utilized for AR object recognition, enabling players to interact with these virtual objects in real-world locations.

  3. E-commerce Merchandise Classification: For online retailers selling merchandise related to 'Alita' and 'Poro', the model could be used to classify product listings or sort products in the website's inventory, hence improving product visibility and recommendation accuracy.

  4. Fan Art Validation: This model could assist in identifying and validating fan art in subject-specific communities, ensuring posted content correctly depicts 'Alita' and 'Poro', leading to enhanced group engagement.

  5. Content Moderation: It can be used on streaming platforms or social media sites to automatically identify and tag content involving 'Alita' and 'Poro', aiding in content moderation and allows targeted advertising based on users' interests.

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