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Object Detection

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mdp image reg grp24 data Computer Vision Project


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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Automated License Plate Recognition: This computer vision model could be deployed to detect and recognize the alphanumeric characters on license plates for traffic management, parking systems, and law enforcement purposes.

  2. Sorting and Tracking Postal Packages: The model can be used to identify and track package labels in a warehouse or sort facility, automatically recognizing the alphanumeric identifiers to categorize and route packages more efficiently.

  3. Handwritten Character Recognition: The model could be applied in a platform that translates handwritten text into digital text for accessibility purposes, such as transcribing handwriting from historical documents or interpreting notes in classrooms and office settings.

  4. Accessibility Assistance for Visually Impaired: By recognizing alphanumeric characters and certain navigational symbols, the model can be integrated into a mobile app or wearable device to help visually impaired users identify signs or text and receive audio descriptions for improved navigation in public and private spaces.

  5. Gaming and Virtual Reality (VR): This model can be employed in educational games or VR applications requiring users to identify or interact with objects based on their associated alphanumeric classes, such as solving puzzles, engaging in treasure hunts, or learning through interactive scenarios.

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Object Detection




ID0 - Deadend, ID11 - 1, ID12 - 2, ID13 - 3, ID14 - 4, ID15 - 5, ID16 - 6, ID17 - 7, ID18 - 8, ID19 - 9, ID20 - A, ID21 - B, ID22 - C, ID23 - D, ID24 - E, ID25 - F, ID26 - G, ID27 - H, ID28 - S, ID29 - T, ID30 - U, ID31 - V, ID32 - W, ID33 - X, ID34 - Y, ID35 - Z, ID36 - Up, ID37 - Down, ID38 - Right, ID39 - Left, ID40 - Stop

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