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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Smart Home Security System: The "window_door_openspace" model can be integrated into a smart home security system to notify homeowners about open windows, doors, or any open-space vulnerabilities, enhancing safety and energy efficiency.

  2. Architectural Design Analysis: The model can be used by architects and designers to analyze and improve building designs by identifying and visualizing the presence and distribution of doors, windows, and open spaces, optimizing natural lighting and air circulation.

  3. Construction Site Monitoring: The "window_door_openspace" model can help construction site managers monitor the progress of building projects by identifying completed windows, doors, and open spaces, ensuring compliance with design plans and safety regulations.

  4. Augmented Reality for Interior Design: Incorporating the model into AR applications can help interior designers and homeowners visualize different layouts, furniture placement, and window treatments in real-time, facilitating decision-making and enhancing creativity.

  5. Urban Planning and Analysis: By analyzing aerial or satellite imagery, the "window_door_openspace" model can assist urban planners and researchers in evaluating the quality and density of living spaces, potentially identifying areas in need of improvement, such as adding green spaces or optimizing pedestrian access.

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