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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Class Attendance Verification: The model can be used to verify class attendance in a virtual/physical classroom or meeting space. It can identify specific individuals, minimizing the need for manual verification and improving accuracy.

  2. Interactive Distance Learning: The model can be used in interactive distance learning platforms where participants are identified and participation is monitored. For example, during a virtual class, the system can identify who is actively engaged in the discussion or not.

  3. Personalized User Interface: In platforms where users' profiles are needed to tailor-make content for them, this model can provide real-time identification for customization. It can be used in social networks, work collaboration tools, or educational platforms where each user can have a personalized experience based on their persona.

  4. Security Surveillance: The "Final Project" model can be deployed in surveillance cameras to detect and recognize known individuals. It can improve the efficiency of security systems in establishments such as schools, offices, or residential areas.

  5. Memory Recall Assistants: For patients with Alzheimer's or other memory problems, this model can be paired with an app or device to identify and remind patients of the relationships they have with people in their photos or when they are interacting with them. It operates like a memory prosthesis to help them remember their friends, colleagues, and loved ones.

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Object Detection




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