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If you use this dataset in a research paper, please cite it using the following BibTeX:

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almonds apple apple_pie applesauce apricots asparagus aubergine_eggplant avocado bacon baked_potato balsamic_salad_dressing banana banana_cake basil beans_kidney beef_n_s beer beetroot-steamed-without-addition-of-salt beetroot_raw bell_pepper_red_raw bell_pepper_red_stewed berries_n_s birchermuesli_prepared_no_sugar_added biscuit black_olives blue_mould_cheese blueberries bolognaise_sauce bouillon braided_white_loaf_ch bread bread_black bread_fruit bread_grain bread_pita bread_rye bread_ticino_ch bread_toast bread_white bread_whole_wheat bread_wholemeal bread_wholemeal_toast breadcrumbs_unspiced brioche broccoli brussel_sprouts bulgur butter butter_spread_puree_almond cake_chocolate capers cappuccino caprese_salad_tomato_mozzarella carrot cashew_nut cauliflower cervelat_ch cheese_for_raclette_ch cheese_n_s cheesecake cherries chestnuts_ch chicken chicken_breast chicken_cut_into_stripes_only_meat chicken_leg chickpeas chili_con_carne_prepared chinese_cabbage chips_french_fries chocolate_cookies chocolate_egg_small chocolate_milk chocolate_n_s coconut coffee cola_based_drink cookies cordon_bleu corn cottage_cheese country_fries couscous cream_cheese_n_s cream_double_cream_heavy_cream_45 crepe_with_flour_plain crisps_ch croissant croissant_with_chocolate_filling croutons crunch_muesli cucumber cucumber_pickled_ch curds_natural damson_plum dark_chocolate dates dried_meat_n_s egg egg_scrambled emmental_cheese_ch espresso fajita_bread_only falafel_balls fennel feta figs fish_n_s flakes focaccia fondue french_beans french_pizza_from_alsace_baked french_salad_dressing fresh_cheese_n_s fruit_coulis fruit_mixed fruit_tart garlic glucose_drink_50g gluten_free_bread goat_cheese_soft grapefruit_pomelo grapes greek_salad green_bean_steamed_without_addition_of_salt green_olives grits_polenta_maize_flour gruyere_ch guacamole halloumi ham_n_s ham_raw hamburger hard_cheese hazelnut hazelnut_chocolate_spread_nutella_ovomaltine_caotina honey hummus ice_cream_n_s jam juice juice_apple kaki kefir_drink ketchup kiwi kolhrabi lasagne_meat_prepared lasagne_vegetable_prepared latte_macchiato leaf_spinach leek lemon lentil_n_s lentils_green_du_puy_du_berry lye_pretzel_soft mandarine mango mashed_potatoes_prepared_with_full_fat_milk_with_butter mayonnaise meat_n_s meat_terrine_pate meatloaf_ch mixed_milk_beverage mixed_salad_chopped_without_sauce mixed_vegetables mozzarella muesli_dry muffin mushroom mustard nectarine nuggets nuts oil_vinegar_salad_dressing omelette_with_flour_thick_crepe_plain onion orange parmesan parsley pasta_hornli_ch pasta_in_butterfly_form_farfalle pasta_in_conch_form pasta_linguini_parpadelle_tagliatelle pasta_n_s pasta_noodles pasta_penne pasta_spaghetti pasta_twist pasta_wholemeal peach peanut peanut_butter pear peas pie_apricot pie_plum_baked_with_cake_dough pine_nuts pineapple pistachio pizza_margherita_baked pizza_with_ham_baked pizza_with_ham_with_mushrooms_baked pizza_with_vegetables_baked plums pomegranate pork_n_s potato potato_gnocchi potato_salad potatoes_au_gratin_dauphinois_prepared praline_n_s pumpkin pumpkin_seeds quiche quinoa raisins_dried raspberries ratatouille red_cabbage_raw red_radish rice rice_noodles_vermicelli rice_whole_grain rice_wild risotto ristretto_with_caffeine roll_of_half_white_or_white_flour_with_large_void roll_with_pieces_of_chocolate rosti_n_s rusk_wholemeal salad_dressing salad_lambs_ear salad_leaf_salad_green salad_rocket salami_ch salmon salmon_smoked sauce sauce_cocktail sauce_cream sauce_curry sauce_mushroom sauce_pesto sauce_savoury_n_s sauce_soya sauerkraut sausage seeds_n_s semi_hard_cheese sesame_seeds shoots_n_s shrimp_prawn soft_cheese soft_drink_with_a_taste soup soup_pumpkin spaetzle spinach spinach_raw spring_onion_scallion spring_roll_fried strawberries sugar_melon_galia_honeydew_cantaloupe sun_dried_tomatoe sunflower_seeds sushi sweet_corn sweet_potato swiss_chard tart_n_s tartar_sauce tea tiramisu tofu tomato tomato_sauce tomme_ch tzatziki vegetable_au_gratin_baked vegetable_mix_peas_and_carrots veggie_burger walnut water water_with_lemon_juice watermelon_fresh white_bread_with_butter_eggs_and_milk white_coffee wine_red wine_rose wine_white witloof_chicory yogurt zucchini

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