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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Construction Site Safety: The model could be used to monitor construction sites, ensuring that all workers adhere to safety regulations by wearing helmets. Violations could be automatically flagged for supervisor intervention.

  2. Industrial Factory Surveillance: The model could be implemented in a factory setting to ensure compliance with safety helmet regulations. It could monitor workers continuously and alert management if a worker is without a helmet.

  3. Training and Education: The model could be utilized as a teaching tool in safety training. Trainees could be shown footage of worksites and asked to identify safety helmet compliance, then the model could be used to confirm correct identifications and highlight missed violations.

  4. Sports Convocation Monitoring: For sports like cricket or American football that require helmets, the model could be used to help ensure all players are properly attired before entering the playing field.

  5. Mining Industry Compliance: Given the high-risk nature of mining operations, this model can be used to monitor workers in real-time to ensure they are wearing appropriate safety headgear and thus maintaining compliance with safety standards.

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