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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Transportation Studies: "als1" could be used in studies of different types of vehicles on the road to determine the most common vehicle classes at certain locations or times, which could help in infrastructure planning and trend analysis.

  2. Parking Management Systems: This model could be utilized to automate and enhance parking systems, identifying vehicle types to allow for efficient organization and allocation of parking spots based on vehicle size or class.

  3. Traffic Control: Traffic control systems might use "als1" to customize traffic lights duration according to the flow and type of vehicles. For example, heavy trucks might need more time to pass than motorbikes.

  4. Vehicle Insurance: Insurance companies could employ this model to identify and classify vehicles involved in incidents or accidents, helping to speed up claim processes.

  5. Retail Analytics: Gas station owners or retailers might use the data provided by the model to understand the kind of vehicles frequenting their places and plan inventory and promotional activities accordingly, such as targeting sales of specific car accessories or fuel types.

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