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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Educational Software Integration: The model can be used in educational applications to facilitate learning. For instance, it can help in identifying and explaining math terms or equations written in physical textbooks or notes via an augmented reality interface.

  2. Interactive Math Learning: It can be integrated into an e-learning platform that offers interactive math courses. Using this model, the system could recognize and provide instant assistance or solutions for math problems that students write out.

  3. Accessible Learning Solutions: The model could be used to aid visually impaired students in learning math. By identifying words and math symbols, it can convert the information into audio or tactile formats.

  4. Automated Grading Systems: It can be employed in an automatic grading system for educators. By recognizing math equations and the steps taken to solve them, it could automate the process of grading student assignments and exams.

  5. Mathematical Research Assistance: In the field of academic research, this model could prove useful for identifying complex mathematical terms, equations or graphics in various documents. It can streamline literature reviews and data analysis.

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