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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. People Counting System: The "KurilkaCheck" model can be used in a public or private space to count the number of people present at any given time, helping in crowd management or security purposes.

  2. Predictive Retail Analytics: Retail stores can use this model to track customer movement and analyze people's behaviors and patterns inside the store. This information can be used to improve store layout and product placement.

  3. Surveillance and Security: The model can be used in security cameras to detect the presence of persons in restricted areas, potentially detecting trespassers or intruders in real-time.

  4. Attendance Systems: In educational institutions or workplaces, the "KurilkaCheck" model could be implemented for automating attendance systems thereby saving manual effort.

  5. Elderly Care: This model can be used for monitoring elderly people in their homes to ensure their safety and send alerts to caregivers or family members in case of any unusual movement patterns or falls.

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