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Pole Segmentation 3 Computer Vision Project


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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Utility Infrastructure Maintenance: This model can be used by utility companies to perform routine checks on the state of their power lines, poles, crossarms, and transformers. This could help in early detection of wear and tear, potential damage or safety hazards, enabling companies to fix issues before they lead to outages.

  2. Disaster Response: The system can identify and assess damage to power lines and related infrastructure after natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes or storms. This would assist emergency responders in prioritizing repair work and restoring power more quickly.

  3. Urban Planning: Urban planners can use this model to map out the spread and density of utility poles and associated infrastructures in the city. It can help them forecast future requirements based on urban sprawl and growth patterns.

  4. Electric Vehicle Grid Integration: The model can help in identifying suitable locations for installing EV charging stations by considering proximity to power poles and transformers, enabling easier access to electricity and contributing to smart city development.

  5. Telecommunication Network Planning: Telecommunication companies can use the model for planning of network infrastructure, identifying suitable poles for installation of devices such as small cell sites for 5G deployment, thus helping in improving network coverage.

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