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This project has a trained model available that you can try in your browser and use to get predictions via our Hosted Inference API and other deployment methods.

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If you use this dataset in a research paper, please cite it using the following BibTeX:

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Object Detection




ajapsandal anthill-salad apple apple-red apple-red-green azu bacon banana banana-testo beef ribs beef-baked beef-barbecue beef-patties beef-ribs beef-steak beef-stroganoff berry-pie big-sausage bigus black-bread black-caviar black-olive blin blueberry boiled-sausage bolgar-salad borsch brisol brownie brussels-sprouts buckwheat buckwheat-meat buckwheat-soup burrito butter cabbage cabbage-rolls cabbage-salad cabbage-soup caesar-salad candy caprese-salad carrot carrot-cake carrot-salad cauliflower chakhokhbili champignons char-grilled-chicken cheburek cheese cheese-soup cheesecake cherry chicken chicken-baked chicken-barbecue chicken-leg chicken-patties chicken-soup chicken-steak chicken-wings chips chocolate coat-salad corn corn-soup crab-salad cucumber curd dolma donut draniki egg falafel fish-sticks fried-egg fries garlic gaspacho goulash grapevine-salad greek-salad hedgehog-salad hot-pepper humus ice-cream jam jellied-meat jelly julien kebab ketchup khachapuri kharcho kiwi kulich kystybyy lagman lasagna lemon lemon-cake lentil-soup lentils-meat lettuce lime malachite-salad manka meat-pie meat-pizza meatballs mimosa-salad moist-salad moroccan-salad mousse mushroom-soup nest-salad nutella oatmeal-porridge okroshka olivie-salad omlet orange pancake panna-cotta pashtet pasta pasta-bolognese pasta-flotski pea-porridge pea-soup pelmeni perlovka plov potato potato-baked potato-boiled potato-mash potato-salad potato-soup pshenka pshenka-meat pudding pumpkin-soup purple-onion rasberry rassolnik ratatouille ravioli red-caviar red-pepper redberry redhat-salad redis redstar-salad redvelvet-cake redvelvet-salad rice roast roll-baked roll-philadelphia salmon sandwich sausage sea-salad shaurma shrimp sirok smetana smoked-sausage solyanka spring-salad steak-indeika stew stewed-cabbage strawberry strudel stuffed-peppers taco tamago-yaki tom-yum tomato tomato-soup tort-zebra tuna-steak tvorojnik uha-soup vareniki vatrujka veg-barbecue veg-pizza veg-salad venice-salad vermicelli-soup vinegret vitamin-salad waffles white-bread

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