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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Seafood Quality Control Application: This model could be used in seafood processing plants or marketplaces where yellow corvino fish are peeled and prepared. The model can help in identifying and sorting corvino fish from other species, ensuring the accuracy of product labels and thus improving the traceability and accountability in the seafood chain.

  2. Biodiversity Research: Researchers and marine biologists could use the model to track the populations of yellow corvino, helping in the conservation and study of the species. It could assist in studying the habitat and behavioral patterns of the yellow corvino, considering the tagged pictures from various locations and scenarios.

  3. Recreational Fishing App: This application could help anglers in correctly identifying yellow corvino, often a prized sport fish. By analyzing a photo of the catch, the application could confirm whether it is indeed a yellow corvino and provide information about the species.

  4. Educational Tool: In educational institutes, the application could be used as a tool for teaching marine biology students to identify fish. It could also be used in museums and aquariums to provide guests with details about different fish in real-time as they navigate through exhibits.

  5. Smart Fishing Equipment: The model could be incorporated into smart fishing equipment for commercial fishers in order to automatically identify and sort yellow corvino from the catch. This could streamline the process, eliminate sorting errors, and contribute to sustainable fishing practices by enabling the release of non-target species.

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