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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Marine Biodiversity Studies: This model "Squid" could be utilized by marine biologists to track different types of fish species (including squids) in their natural environment. This could allow a deeper understanding of the underwater ecosystem and contribute towards biodiversity conservation efforts.

  2. Fisheries Management: This model could help in identifying overfished species from the catch, aiding in sustainable fishing practices. It can assist in data collection about fish stocks, helping with regulatory and policy decisions.

  3. Aquaculture Operations: Fish farmers could make use of the "Squid" model to identify different types of fish in their farms. This could assist in inventory management, species separation, and disease control.

  4. Educational Tool: The model could be used in aquariums or educational institutions to help visitors and students identify different types of marine creatures, including squids in an interactive way.

  5. Fish Market Regulation: Government bodies and market authorities can implement this model to ensure proper trade of marine species. It can serve as a tool to prevent illegal selling of protected or rare species.

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