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This is a project I'm working on for self driving cars. It includes most europeans signs from Wiki.

This is just for fun, but let me know if you're interested in contributing. I would love to get content from other countries!

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Bump Car breaking Children Crosswinds Curve Cyclist crossing Cyclists Dip Domestic animals End of all previously signed restrictions End of no overtaking End of no overtaking by heavy goods vehicles End of no parking zone End of priority road End of speed limit 30 End of speed limit zone 30 Entering city Exiting city Falling rocks Fog Gas pump Give way Give way to oncoming traffic Green light Handicap parking zone Height limit 3.5m Ice or snow Intersection with priority Intersection without priority Length limit 10m Level crossing Level crossing (multiple tracks) Level crossing 160m Level crossing 240m Level crossing 80m Level crossing with barriers ahead Level crossing without barriers ahead Loose surface material Low-flying aircraft Minimum following distance 50m No U-turn No agricultural vehicles No animal-drawn vehicles No buses No entry No heavy goods vehicles No honking or excessive motor noise No left turn No mopeds No motor vehicles No motor vehicles except motorcycles No motorcycles No overtaking No overtaking by heavy goods vehicles No parking No parking zone No pedal cycles No pedestrians No right turn No stopping No through road No through road left No vehicles No vehicles carrying dangerous goods No vehicles carrying inflammables or explosives No vehicles carrying water pollutants No vehicles pulling a trailer One-way street Opening bridge Other danger Parking zone Pedestrian crossing Pedestrian crossing ahead Pedestrian zone Pedestrians Priority over oncoming traffic Priority road Red light Red-Orange light Restricted parking zone Right curve Road narrows Roadworks Series of curves Slippery surface Soft verges Speed limit 100 Speed limit 30 Speed limit 40 Speed limit 50 Speed limit 60 Speed limit 70 Speed limit 80 Speed limit zone 30 Steep ascent Steep descent Stop Traffic queues Traffic signals Trams Tunnel Two-way traffic Uneven surface Unprotected quayside or riverbank Weight limit 20t Weight limit 3.5t Weight limit 30t Weight limit 33t Weight limit 36t Weight limit 5t Weight limit 6t Weight limit per axle 2t Width limit 2.5m Wild animals end ofSpeed limit 70 left curve roundabout turn left orright only turn right only

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