Juan Antonio Miranda Zuñiga


Object Detection

V1 P/NP Computer Vision Project


1056 images
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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Animation Character Identification: "V1 P/NP" model can be used to identify characters and objects in animations or cartoons. For example, in a cartoon series database, users can search for specific episodes based on the characters present in them. Metadata such as "Anime", "Character", "Face", "Cartoon" could be useful.

  2. Automated Content Filtering: This model could be applied for content moderation on social media platforms, flagging or filtering out content based on the presence or absence of people, specific animals, or objects. Relevant metadata includes "Content Moderation", "Social Media", "Image Filtering".

  3. Augmented Reality Games Development: The model could be used in the development of augmented reality (AR) games which require the recognition of real-world objects, people, or animals to interact with the virtual elements. Keywords could include "Augmented Reality", "Game Development", "Object Recognition".

  4. Ecological Studies: Scientists could use the model to automatically identify and quantify different animal species in field images or videos, aiding in ecological or environmental studies. Useful metadata could include "Ecology", "Animal Recognition", "Field Research".

  5. Security Surveillance: The model can be implemented in surveillance systems for automated person detection, identifying trespassers or unwanted animals on property. The metadata could be "Security", "Surveillance", "Person Detection".

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