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Object Detection




3-Way Ball Valve, 3-Way General Regulating Valve, 3-Way General Valve, 3-Way Globe Regulating Valve, 3-Way Globe Valve, 3-Way Plug Valve, 4-Way General Valve, 4-Way Globe Valve, 4-Way Plug Valve, 45deg_Tee, Air Cooler, Alfa Laval Heat Exchanger, Alfa Laval Plates, Angle General Regulating Valve, Angle General Valve, Angle Globe Regulating Valve, Angle Globe Valve, BEU TEMA, Baffle 60Deg, Baffle 90Deg, Ball Valve, Ball Valve with Pressure Relief Hole, Basin, Basket Strainer_1, Bed Reactor, Block-in-shell, Breather, Bubble Cap Tray, Bubble Cap, Level Measurement, Butterfly Valve, Calibration Pot, Cap, Cap (threaded), Cap (welded), Cap (welded) with Nozzle, Cascade (Multi Buffle Tray), Cascade small (Multi Buffle Tray), Chimney Tray, Coiled Pipe, Column Extension, Combustion Chamber, Condensate Lifter, Cone Roof Silo, Cooling Tower, Cracked + Decoking Gas Valve, Cylinder Scale, Deluge Valve Station, Demister, Demister Cyclone Type, Demister General, Demister Wire Mesh Type, Desuperheater, Detonation Arrestor, Discharge Station, Discharge Station with Flat Top, Discharge to Atmosphere, Dome Roof Silo, Double Pipe Heat Exchanger, Eccentric Size Change, Ejector, Electrical end, End Point, Expansion Joint, Eye Wash, Fan, Figure8 Blind, Closed, Figure8 Blind, Open, Filter, Finned Tubes, Fixed Tubesheet, Fixed Tubesheet for Column, Flame Arrestor, Flange, Flanged 90Deg with Blind Flange, Flanged 90Deg(Comp), Flanged with Blind Flange, Flanged(Comp), Flanged(Plate Heat Exchanger), Flash Pipe, Flexible Hose (flanged), Flexible Hose (welded), Flexible Hose large, Flexible Hose_90deg (welded), Front end angular, Front end angular PGC, Front end angular splitted, Funnel, Gas Cooler, Gate Valve, Gate Valve with Pressure Relief Device, Gate Valve with Pressure Relief Hole, General, General Block Regulating Valve, General Block Valve, General Check Valve, General Coupling, General Size Change, General Special Part, General Special Part_1, General Special Part_41, Globe Regulating Valve, Globe Valve, Gully, Heat Coil 1, Heat Coil 2, Heat Comp 1, Heatric, Heatric Headers, Helix, Hose Connection, Hydrant Standing, Hydrant Wall Mounting, Hyperbolic Tower, In-line Silencer, Injection in Pipe, Inline Mixer, Inspection Glass, Instrument Line Connector, Instrument Nozzle, Internal Heating Coil, Kettle Type,Fixed Tubesheet, Kettle Type,Stationary Head, Knife Gate Valve, Loading Arm, Manual Valve, Manway, Mixing Tee, Monitor, Needle Valve, PGB, PGB,wo refractory lining, Packed Section, Packed Section_dashed, Parametric Agitator General, Pig Receiver, Pipe Bend 180Deg, Pipe Bend 90Deg, Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger, Plate Heat Exchanger, Plate and Frame Exchanger, Plug, Plug Valve, Post Indicator, Propeller Agitator, Pulsation Dampener, Safety Shower and Eye Wash, Sample Connection, Sample Cooler, Schroedahl Valve, Screw Joint, Seperation Diaphragm, Sieve Tray, Silencer, Slip Plate, Ring Warehouse, Slip Ring, Slip Ring, Plate Warehouse, Spherical Tank, Spiral Exchanger, Spool Elbow, in line, Spool Elbow, off line, Spool Piece, Spool Piece with Reducer, Spray Nozzle, Spray Sprinkler, Square Head Plug, Steam Condensor, Steam Reformer Heater, Steam Trap, Steam Trap (welded), Strainer Cone Type (flanged), Strainer Cone Type (welded), Strainer Pot Type (flanged), Strainer Pot Type (flanged)_3CP, Strainer Pot Type (welded), Surface Desuperheater, Swing Check Valve, T Strainer (flanged), T Strainer Welded, Tank with Arched Fixed Roof, Tank with Conical Fixed Roof, Tank with Fixed Roof, Tank with Floating Roof, Throttle Valve, Transition Joint, Tray General, Tube Reactor, Twisted Tube, U-tube, Floating Head, U-tube, Floating Head,Internal, U-tube,Stationary Head, U-tube,Stationary Head,Internal, Utility Station + Instr Air Distr, Valve Tray, Vent Nozzle, Vent Silencer, Vent-Drain Ball, Vent-Drain Ball (flanged), Vent-Drain Ball (plugged), Vent-Drain Double Globe (flanged), Vent-Drain Double Globe (plugged), Vent-Drain Double flanged, Vent-Drain Double gate (flanged), Vent-Drain Double gate (plugged), Vent-Drain Double general (flanged), Vent-Drain Double general (welded), Vent-Drain Gate (flanged), Vent-Drain Gate (plugged), Vent-Drain Globe (flanged), Vent-Drain Globe (plugged), Vent-Drain general (flanged), Vent-Drain general (plugged), Vent-Drain general (welded), Venturi Tube, Vessel, Vessel Vertical with Flange Head, Vortex Breaker, Vortex Breaker general, Welded(Comp), Welded(Plate Heat Exchanger), Y Strainer Flanged, Y Strainer Flanged_3CP, Y Strainer Welded

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