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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Self-Driving Vehicles System: This model can be implemented in autonomous vehicles technology to identify traffic signs and signals, thus enabling the vehicle to make intelligent and safety-compliant decisions as per road conditions.

  2. Smart Traffic Management: The model can be used in urban planning and traffic management systems to analyze, comprehend, and report traffic indications in real-time, aiding in better road traffic control and congestion avoidance.

  3. Driving Assistance Applications: There is potential to integrate this model into GPS navigation systems or dedicated driving assistance applications. These apps could provide real-time traffic rule alerts to drivers, enhancing safety and rule adherence.

  4. Road Condition Analysis: Use the model to collect road condition data based on signs for construction, slippery road, uneven road, etc. This critical information could support road maintenance planning by relevant authorities.

  5. Traffic Rule Training Software: This model can be used in developing training software for beginner drivers or trucking companies. The software could explain and demonstrate various traffic rules, greatly improving the quality of road safety education.

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ANIMALS CONSTRUCTION CYCLES CROSSING DANGER NO ENTRY PEDESTRIAN CROSSING PEDESTRIAN CROSSING Road Shoulder SCHOOL CROSSING SNOW STOP bend bend left bend right give way go left go left or straight go right go right or straight go straight keep left keep right no no overtaking no overtaking (trucks) no overtaking trucks no traffic both ways no trucks priority at next intersection priority road restriction ends restriction ends (overtaking (trucks)) restriction ends (overtaking) restriction ends 80 restriction ends overtaking restriction ends overtaking trucks road narrows roundabout slippery road speed limit 100 speed limit 120 speed limit 20 speed limit 30 speed limit 40 speed limit 50 speed limit 60 speed limit 70 speed limit 80 traffic signal uneven road

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