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Boggle Boards Computer Vision Project

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We have captured and annotated photos of the popular board game, Boggle. Images are predominantly from 4x4 Boggle with about 30 images from Big Boggle (5x5).

  • 357 images
  • 7110 annotated letter cubes

These images are released for you to use in training your machine learning models.

Use Cases

We used this dataset to create BoardBoss, an augmented reality board game helper app. You can download BoardBoss in the App Store for free to see the end result! :fa-spacer: BoardBoss :fa-spacer: The model trained from this dataset was paired with some heuristics to recreate the board state and overlay it with an AR representation. We then used a traditional recursive backtracking algorithm to find and show the best words on the board.

Using this Dataset

We're releasing the data as public domain. Feel free to use it for any purpose. It's not required to provide attribution, but it'd be nice! :fal-smile-wink:

About Roboflow

Roboflow makes managing, preprocessing, augmenting, and versioning datasets for computer vision seamless.

Developers reduce 50% of their boilerplate code when using Roboflow's workflow, save training time, and increase model reproducibility. :fa-spacer:

Roboflow Workmark

Trained Model API

This project has a trained model available that you can try in your browser and use to get predictions via our Hosted Inference API and other deployment methods.

Cite This Project

If you use this dataset in a research paper, please cite it using the following BibTeX:

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Object Detection



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