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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Warehouse Cable Inventory Management: The "kbox-production" model can be used in warehouse management systems to automate the process of cable inventory checks. It can identify and count the different types of cables, such as Fonte, RJ11, Ethernet, helping maintain an accurate stock.

  2. Production Line Quality Control: Manufacturers of these types of cables can use this model on the production line to ensure only the correct cables are going into production and the right ones are being packaged for distribution.

  3. Cables Retail Application: Retailers dealing with electronics and cables can use this model to sort, categorize, and label different types of cables. This would make the product search easier for customers, and streamline the checkout process.

  4. Electronics Recycling: Recycling facilities can use this model to distinguish different types of cables for accurate sorting, processing, and recycling.

  5. Network Setup and Management: For IT professionals, the model can help in quickly identifying the cable types while setting up or managing a complex network setup, reducing time, and avoiding human errors.

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Ethernet, Fonte, RJ11

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