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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Wildlife Management and Research: This model can be used by researchers and wildlife managers to instantly categorize deer based on their antler types (point, beam, brow-tine), which can help in tracking the growth, health, and movement patterns of specific deer populations.

  2. Traffic and Road Safety: The model can help in the development of intelligent traffic systems by identifying deer on or near roads, especially at night, helping to proactively alert drivers and minimize accidents.

  3. Hunting Game Management: Hunters and hunting grounds can use this model to ensure fair and regulated hunting according to the type of deer.

  4. Environmental Monitoring: The model can contribute to the understanding of the effect of environmental changes on deer populations by classifying the types of deer seen in different environments.

  5. Documentary and Wildlife Photography: Wildlife photographers and documentary filmmakers can use the model for identifying the specific outgrowths of antlers to collect or capture specific species with unique antler configurations.

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Instance Segmentation




beam, brow-tine, point

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