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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Grocery Shopping Assistance: This model can help create an application that identifies and records different types of fruits and vegetables as customers add them to their shopping carts. It could also provide nutritional information such as calories.

  2. Dietary Planning and Management: Nutritionists could use this model to help patients identify and track their food intake. The model could also suggest balanced diets based on specific ingredients.

  3. Cooking Apps or Online Tutorials: This model could be integrated into cooking apps to help users identify necessary ingredients for a recipe or in an online cooking tutorial to help viewers identify the ingredients being used.

  4. Food Sorting in Warehouses or Supermarkets: This model can be used in food warehouses or supermarkets to sort different kinds of fruits, vegetables, and other food items, aiding in inventory management.

  5. Farming Assistance: Farmers could use this model to identify and categorize their produce. This could help them understand what crops are ready for harvest and estimate their yield.

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apple(57kcal) banana banana(93kcal) beetroot bell pepper cabbage capsicum carrot cauliflower chilli pepper corn cucumber eggplant garlic ginger grapes jalepeno kiwi lemon lettuce mango onion orange paprika pear peas pineapple pomegranate potato potato(66kcal) raddish soy beans soy beans(391kcal)

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