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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Autonomous Vehicle Navigation: The "street signs" model can be utilized by autonomous vehicles to recognize road signs in real time for safer navigation and adherence to traffic regulations.

  2. Smart City Infrastructure: The model can contribute to the development of smart cities by integrating it into traffic management systems to monitor and analyze traffic flow based on the recognition of different street signs.

  3. Driving Test Simulator Applications: The computer vision model can be integrated into driving test simulators to mimic real-world conditions and evaluating learner drivers on their responses to displayed road signs.

  4. Augmented Reality Navigation Apps: The model can be incorporated into AR-supported GPS and navigation applications to provide users with real-time, enhanced information on traffic regulations.

  5. Surveying and Mapping Services: Survey companies and GIS services could use the model to automatically update and refine their maps with changes in road speed limits, roadworks, or other road signs.

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crosswalks, endofpriority, endspeed, priority, s100, s110, s120, s130, s140, s20, s30, s40, s50, s60, s70, s80, s90, speedcamera, stop, trafficlights, yield

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