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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Document Digitization: This model could serve as a key tool in digitizing files or documents written in Saraiki language characters. By allowing scanning and character identification, it would be ideal for preserving historical documents, old books, or other valuable written materials.

  2. Language Learning Apps: In applications designed to teach the Saraiki language, the model could be used to interpret handwritten exercises from users, making the process of learning more interactive and efficient.

  3. Automated Translation Systems: The model could be incorporated into an automated translation system, where it identifies Saraiki characters from images or even live videos, enabling real-time translations to other languages.

  4. Accessibility Tools: It could be used to develop assistive technologies to help visually impaired or dyslexic people. For instance, a system could translate written Saraiki content into spoken words.

  5. Cultural Preservation: Museums, universities, or cultural institutions could use the model to decipher, catalog, and preserve artifacts or documents written in Saraiki language, contributing to the preservation and understanding of the language's history and its culture.

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