Whitefly 2

Semantic Segmentation

Whitefly 2 Computer Vision Project


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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Pest Control in Agriculture: This model can be used by farmers or agricultural scientists to identify and track the presence of harmful whiteflies on crops or plants in real time, enabling proactive pest management strategies to be implemented.

  2. Plant Health Monitoring Systems: In a smart farming setup, the model can be integrated into a system to continuously monitor the health of plants. The system can alert farmers when whiteflies are detected, allowing them to take preventive measures and thus ensure the health of their crops.

  3. Research on Whiteflies: Academics and researchers studying whiteflies and their behavior can use this model to identify different classes of whiteflies. This will simplify and speed up their research work, providing more time for in-depth analysis and study.

  4. Greenhouse Maintenance: This model can be used by greenhouse operators to monitor the presence of whiteflies, enabling them to take appropriate action to protect their plants and maintain the cleanliness and healthiness of the greenhouse ecosystem.

  5. Home Gardening Apps: This model can be incorporated into home gardening apps where users can take pictures of their plants. The app can help detect the presence of whiteflies and give advice on how to take care of the plants.

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Semantic Segmentation




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