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Damage Level Computer Vision Project


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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Building Inspections: The model can be utilized by building inspectors to quickly assess the damage level of structures after natural disasters or accidents. This would aid in prioritizing repairs and renovations, and in planning reconstruction efforts.

  2. Insurance Claims Auditing: Insurers could leverage this model to automate the process of reviewing and assessing car, property, or machinery insurance claims. Using photos submitted by policyholders, the model can determine the level of damage, helping ensure more accurate settlement amounts.

  3. Car Rental Services: Rental companies could use this model to automatically evaluate returned vehicles for any damage. This would expedite the process of checking vehicles in and out, and quickly detect any damage occurring during the rent period for accountability purposes.

  4. Real Estate Evaluations: Estate agents or property management companies could use this model to assess properties for sale or rent. This would assist in providing accurate property conditions to potential buyers/tenants, and help determine renovation needs and costs.

  5. Archaeology and Art Conservation Studies: Researchers could utilize this model to assess and catalog the damage level of historical artifacts or artworks over time. This could aid in preservation efforts, as well as provide valuable data for historical studies.

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