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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Automotive Repair & Insurance Claims: This model can be utilized by car repair shops or insurance companies to automate the process of assessing vehicle damages. Identifying and classifying types of damage such as minor and major dents or scratches can help standardize repair estimates and speed up insurance claim processes.

  2. Quality Control in Manufacturing: Industries involved in manufacturing goods can use this model to scrutinize their products for any possible dents, scratches, or defects before the items are shipped out, ensuring that only high-quality products reach the customers.

  3. Packaging and Logistic Companies: Companies involved in the packaging and delivery of goods can use this model to identify damages in packaging or delivered goods. This could help in increasing customer satisfactions and decreasing return rates.

  4. Used Products Marketplaces: Platforms that facilitate the sale of used products can utilize this model to validate the condition of products. This allows potential buyers to have a clear understanding of the product's current state, such as if there are any scratches or dents.

  5. Vehicle Rental Services: Car rental companies can use this model to document the condition of vehicles before and after rentals. This could help in identifying any damages caused by a renter, making it easy to issue fines or take necessary actions.

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Object Detection




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