Detect type of beverage

Object Detection

Roboflow Universe Intern Detect type of beverage

Detect type of beverage Computer Vision Project


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Object Detection




7UP 320ML 7UP 390ML 7UP free 320ML Aquafina Soda Lipton 455ML Mirinda Blueberry 320ML Mirinda Blueberry 390ML Mirinda Green Cream 320ML Mirinda Green Cream 390ML Mirinda Orange 320ML Mirinda Orange 390ML Mirinda Sarsi 320ML Mirinda Sarsi 390ML Ops Coca Cola Original 320ml Ops Coca Cola Original 390ml Ops Coca Cola Original 600ml Ops Coca Cola Zero Calo 320ml Ops Coca Cola Zero Sugar 600ml Ops Coca Fanta Grape 320ml Ops Coca Fanta Green Cream 320ml Ops Coca Fanta Green Cream 600ml Ops Coca Fanta Orange 320ml Ops Coca Fanta Orange 390ml Ops Coca Fanta Sarsi 320ml Ops Coca Fanta Sarsi 390ml Ops Coca Fanta mini Orange 235ml Ops Coca Fuze Lemon and Lemongrass 450ml Ops Coca Fuze Passion Fruit and Chia 350ml Ops Coca Samurai 390ml Ops Coca Sprite Lemon 320ml Ops Coca Sprite Lemon 600ml Ops Coca Sprite mini Lemon 235ml Ops Coca Teppy 327ml Ops Monster Zero Ultra 355ml Ops Otsuka Pocari Sweat 350ml Ops Otsuka Pocari Sweat 500ml Ops Red Bull 250ml Ops TQM Warrior 330ml Ops URC C2 Lychee 455ml Ops URC C2 Melon Mint 455ml Ops URC C2 Peach 455ml Pepsi 320ML Pepsi 390ML Pepsi zero calo 320ML Pepsi zero calo 390ML Revive Isotonic Original Revive Salted Lemon Rockstar 250ML Sting 320ML Sting 330ML Sting Gold 320ML Sting Gold 330ML Tea Olong 320ML Tea Olong 450ML Tea Olong No Sugar 450ML Tea Plus Lemon 450ML Twister 455ML Twister Orange 350ML

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