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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Academic Research: The model could be used to sift through large volumes of academic papers, helping researchers identify and summarize relevant materials by categorizing different sections as either paragraphs or tables. This would speed up data selection and extraction for literature reviews or meta-studies.

  2. Content Management: Digital libraries, publishers, or content management systems might exploit the tool to automatically categorize and tag different types of content in their databases. This would simplify search and retrieval, enhancing user experience by tailoring more precise search results.

  3. Accessibility Services: This model can be used to convert printed or digital text into structured data for visually impaired people. By identifying paragraph, table or label classes, it can prioritize information and generate summaries that can subsequently be converted into an audio format.

  4. Document Digitization: Businesses looking to transition from paper to digital might use the technology as part of their digitization pipeline. This would ensure that the digital copies accurately represent the structure of the original paper documents.

  5. Office Automation: The tool could be incorporated into office software suites (like Word or Google Docs), providing users with a tool to automatically format imported or scanned documents, thus saving time on manual reformatting.

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