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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Document Digitization and Management Systems: This model can be used in systems that involve digitizing invoices, where the model can be used to recognize paragraphs and tables and help in extracting data more efficiently.

  2. Automated Data Entry: This could be used in automating data entry processes. The model can be applied to extract data from scanned invoices, reducing manual labor and improving the efficiency and accuracy of the process.

  3. Machine Learning Training: This model might be useful for researchers or developers who are training their own machine learning models for complex document understanding tasks, helping them understand the relationship and classes between paragraphs and tables in different document formats.

  4. Bookkeeping Automation: The model may be used in the development of bookkeeping or accounting software. It can identify and extract information from invoices, minimizing time spent on manual bookkeeping.

  5. Invoice Audit Systems: Used by accounting departments or audit firms to identify and verify information part of regular audits. The algorithm could be used to highlight discrepancies or unusual patterns in the invoice's text and tables, aiding in fraud detection.

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