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Cebollas 1

Semantic Segmentation

Cebollas 1 Computer Vision Project


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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Agricultural Monitoring: This model could be utilized for advanced agricultural monitoring systems, tracking the growth stages and health of crops. Farmers could use this technology to quickly and accurately examine the status of their plants. The classes such as Vulvo, Tallo, and Hojas refer to the bulb, stem, and leaves of plants respectively, so it would be exceptionally useful in onion farming specifically.

  2. Plant Healthcare: It could be a part of a smart plant healthcare system to identify common diseases and conditions that affect onion plants. By training the model with images of infected and healthy plants, it could assist in early disease detection and enhance the efficiency of treatment, thereby increasing crop yield.

  3. Smart Gardening: This system can be used in smart gardening applications to determine the growth and progress of individual onion plants. Gardeners could oversee the status of plants in real time and manage plant care activities accordingly.

  4. Botanical Research: Scientists performing botanical research could utilize this model for rapid identification and classification of parts of the onion plant. It could be used to mark variations in plant anatomy in different growth stages or ecological conditions.

  5. Commercial Farming: Large scale commercial farming operations, specifically focused on onion cultivation, would find this invaluable. The tool could enhance the quality control processes in sorting harvested onions based on their health and sustainability analyzed by examining the components of the plant. It could also help in plantation management to monitor the growth and any anomalies like pest infestations.

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Semantic Segmentation




Hojas, Referencia, Tallo, Vulvo

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