Yolo detection project Computer Vision Project

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6 months ago

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Object Detection




Bottle of water, Earphones, Eyeglasses, Game, Grapes, Green beans, Load Bearing, Onions, Peanuts, Piece of chicks, Pillar, Salt bottle, Signboard, Stick Camera, TV, Toothbrush, Traffic Sign, airplane, antigue, antique, apple, bag, ball, ballon, banana, baseball bat, bear, bed, bed net, beet, big bottle, bigbin, bike, bird, biscuit, boat, book, books, bottle, box, bracelet, bread, bridge, broom, bucket, bus, cake, camera, candle, canz, cap, caple, car, carrot, castle, cat, chair, chandeliers, chipsy, clothes, colors, computer, conditioner, conditioning, cooker, coral, couch, cover, cow, crane, cup, curtain, dish, dog, dog carriage, donate, dooe, door, electric tower, elephant, fence, fish, flower, food, foot, football, fork, fridge, fruits, fur, garage, garbage, giraffe, glass, glasses, glove, goat, handbag, helmet, herb, hipsy, hourse, hous, house, ice, ice mountain, jacket, jam, keyboard, kitchen, kite, knife, lamb, lampshades, land, lap top, manyhouse, metro, microwave, mirror, mobile phone, monitor, motorcycle, mountain, mouse, napkin, neck tie, necklace, niche, orange, palm, paper, parashot, peace, peach, peeler, pens, person, phone, photoholder, picture, pillow, pizza, plane, playground, pomegranate, potato, printer, prokle, remote control, rice, ring, rock, salad, sand, scissors, screen, sea, sheep, ship, shoes, shower, skate, skateboards, skoter, sound device, sounddamper, spoon, stapler, statue, stop sign, stove, string, sun, sunglasses, surfboard, sutter sign, table, tap, taxi, teble, tennis racket, tire, toilette, towel, toy, traffic signal, train, tree, tree leafs, tub, umbrella, unknown, vase, washing bowl, watch, water, waves, window, wipes, wire, zebra, zibra


CC BY 4.0