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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Use Case - Tamil Document Translation: This OCR model could be used by translation applications or services to translate Tamil scripts into other languages by first converting the scripts into a digital format. This could be particularly helpful for translating historical Tamil manuscripts or modern documents in legal, academic, or medical fields.

  2. Use Case - Tamil Media Subtitling: Media companies could use this model to automatically generate subtitles for Tamil movies, series, and documentaries. The OCR could identify Tamil-words from script notes or screen images, and then either retain them in the Tamil script or translate them into other languages.

  3. Use Case - Tamil Literature Digitization: Libraries, universities, and researchers may use this OCR model to digitize Tamil scripts. It could be used to scan books, manuscripts or other printed materials, converting them into searchable text databases for ease of access and analysis.

  4. Use Case - Assistive Technology: For vision-impaired individuals, the Tamil OCR model could be used in reading applications that scan and transform printed Tamil texts into audio form. These could include books, newspapers, signs, labels, and more.

  5. Use Case - Automated Data Entry: Businesses or organizations that deal with large amounts of Tamil text in physical form could use this OCR model for automated data entry. By scanning the documents, the pertinent information could be extracted and digitized, thereby streamlining operations and reducing the chances of human error.

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