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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Text Translation Applications: The model can be utilized in applications that translate Gujarati text into other languages. Such an app could be used by educators teaching the language to non-Gujarati speakers or vice versa, enhancing cross-cultural communication.

  2. Content Accessibility Solutions: The model could be implemented in applications that turn printed or handwritten Gujarati text into audio format, benefiting visually impaired individuals or those who have reading disabilities by making content more accessible.

  3. Historical Archive Digitization: The model could help expedite the process of digitizing historical documents or manuscripts written in Gujarati. This use case enhances both the preservation of cultural resources and facilitates scholarly research.

  4. Data Extraction: In business contexts, the OCR model could be employed to extract specific data from Gujarati documents, such as forms, questionnaires, or surveys, making data analysis more efficient.

  5. Smart Education Tools: The model could be used to develop enhanced reading or language learning tools, helping children and adults learn the Gujarati language in a more interactive and engaging manner.

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