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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Document Digitization: The model can be used to convert handwritten or printed Bengali documents into digital text which can be easily stored, searched, and analyzed. This can benefit libraries, governmental organizations, or individuals having significant collections of Bengali literature or documents.

  2. Educational Tools: This model can be used to create educational resources or tools like reading Bengali text for language learning apps or websites. These applications can help native Bengali speakers or non-native learners improve their language proficiency, reading, and writing skills.

  3. Translation Services: The model's functionality can be leveraged to provide real-time translations of Bengali text into other languages. This can be incorporated into international business communication, travel companions apps, or even included as a feature in e-reading devices.

  4. Accessibility Features: The Bengali OCR model can be used to develop applications for visually impaired individuals. They can use these applications to listen to printed Bengali text like books, newspapers, or other kinds of documents.

  5. Content Search & Analysis: It can aid in analyzing large-scale Bengali text data for research purposes or developing comprehensive language models. Moreover, this can also improve search engine capabilities for Bengali textual content.

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