Stanford dogs Computer Vision Project

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This dataset is a copy of a subset of the full Stanford Dogs Dataset.


The original dataset contained 20,580 images of 120 breeds of dogs.

This subset contains 9884 images of 60 breeds of dogs.

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Object Detection




African_hunting_dog, Appenzeller, Bernese_mountain_dog, Border_collie, Bouvier_des_Flandres, Brabancon_griffon, Brittany_spaniel, Cardigan, Doberman, English_setter, English_springer, EntleBucher, Eskimo_dog, French_bulldog, German_shepherd, Gordon_setter, Great_Dane, Great_Pyrenees, Greater_Swiss_Mountain_dog, Irish_setter, Irish_water_spaniel, Leonberg, Mexican_hairless, Newfoundland, Old_English_sheepdog, Pembroke, Pomeranian, Rottweiler, Saint_Bernard, Samoyed, Shetland_sheepdog, Siberian_husky, Sussex_spaniel, Tibetan_mastiff, Welsh_springer_spaniel, affenpinscher, basenji, boxer, briard, bull_mastiff, chow, clumber, cocker_spaniel, collie, dhole, dingo, groenendael, keeshond, kelpie, komondor, kuvasz, malamute, malinois, miniature_pinscher, miniature_poodle, pug, schipperke, standard_poodle, toy_poodle, vizsla


CC BY 4.0