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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Chess Game Digitization: The "chess3" model could be used to digitize physical chess games. By taking regular pictures of an ongoing chess game, the AI can interpret the state of the board and digitize the movements for record-keeping, online sharing or analysis purposes.

  2. Chess Coaching: This model can be part and parcel of a chess coaching application where users place their physical board and pieces according to a setup provided by the app. The model can recognize if the user has placed the pieces correctly and give feedback.

  3. Board Game Manufacturing Quality Control: In a board game manufacturing setup, the model could be used to automate quality inspection, identifying whether all the necessary chess pieces are included in the packaged set or not.

  4. Automated Chess Referee: It can be used in a chess competition where it acts as a referee, ensuring that all moves by players are legal and correctly carried out according to the standard chess rules.

  5. Augmented Reality Chess: The model can also be used in an Augmented Reality game, identifying the real-world chess pieces and superimposing virtual effects or information like possible moves, piece history, etc. onto it.

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