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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Grocery Store Automation: The model can be employed in automated systems within grocery or fruit stores to identify if a person is picking up apples or lemons. This could serve in real-time inventory management and loss prevention.

  2. Health & Wellness Applications: This model could be used in health and diet-based applications to track and count the number of apples or lemons a user consumes, further providing insights about their daily fruit intake.

  3. Interactive Educational Games: The model can be leveraged to develop interactive, educational games where children or adults need to identify and count the number of persons, apples, or lemons in an image.

  4. Surveillance Systems in Farming: The model could be beneficial in monitoring orchards of apple and lemon trees for signs of harvesting or any unusual activity.

  5. New AI Training: The model's output could be used as input to other AI models for complex tasks, for instance, recognizing actions such as a person eating an apple or a lemon.

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