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Object Detection

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30 images
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Object Detection



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CC BY 4.0


aus-sos-sh-290ml cle-comp-shp dov-comp-con dov-comp-shp elv-comp-con elv-comp-shp hask-comp-con hask-comp-shp he-acf-cd-400ml he-acf-sh-400ml he-alav-con-400ml he-alav-mask-250ml he-alav-or-200ml he-alav-sh-400ml he-alb-con-400ml:front:0:2 he-alb-sh-400ml:front:0:2 he-anm-con-400ml he-anm-con-400ml:front:0:2 he-anm-sh-400ml he-anm-sh-400ml:0:2 he-be-con-360ml:front:0:2 he-cm-con-400ml he-cm-sh-400ml he-gmo-con-400ml he-gmo-sh-400ml he-hh-con-360ml:front:0:2 he-imc-con-360ml:front:0:2 he-mao-sh-400ml he-mwbg-con-400ml he-mwbg-sh-400ml he-wssm-con-400ml he-wssm-sh-400ml hns-af-sh-400ml hns-ah-naut-400ml hns-ah-sh-400ml hns-cc-sh-1000ml hns-cc-sh-2-in-1-540ml hns-cc-sh-200ml hns-cc-sh-400ml hns-cd-sh-400ml hns-cd-sh-600ml hns-cf-sh-400ml hns-cf-sh-600ml hns-dp-sh-400 hns-ds-sh-400ml hns-ds-sh-600ml hns-men-sh-2-in-1-1080ml hns-men-sh-2-in-1-540ml hns-mnt-sh-1000ml hns-mnt-sh-400ml hns-sm-sh-400ml:front:0:2 hns-sns-sh-2-in-1-400ml hns-sns-sh-400ml hns-sns-sh-600ml hns-ssr-con-200ml:front:0:2 hns-sss-con-200ml:front:0:2 hns-tc-sh-400ml lbp-comp-oil object ogx-comp-con ogx-comp-shp pert-comp-shp pnt-ad-sh-400ml pnt-ad-sh-600ml pnt-ah-3mm-200ml pnt-ah-con-360ml pnt-ah-or-275ml pnt-ah-roc-540ml pnt-ah-sh-400ml pnt-ah-sh-600ml pnt-dc-or-275ml pnt-dc-sh-400ml pnt-dc-sh-600ml pnt-mdr-3mm-200ml pnt-mdr-or-275ml pnt-mdr-or-350ml pnt-mdr-roc-540ml pnt-mer-con-540ml pnt-mer-or-275ml pnt-mr-or-350ml pnt-mr-sh-400ml pnt-mr-sh-600ml pnt-nf-or-275ml pnt-nf-sh-180ml pnt-nf-sh-360ml pnt-pc-sh-400ml pnt-pc-sh-600ml pnt-sns-cdma-200ml pnt-sns-con-360ml pnt-sns-les-400ml pnt-sns-or-275ml pnt-sns-roc-540ml pnt-sns-sh-600ml pnt-sup-3mm-200ml pnt-sup-or-275ml pnt-sup-sh-400ml pnt-sup-sh-600ml pnt-sv-roc-360ml pnt-sv-sh-400ml pnt-sv-sh-600ml sm-comp-shp sun-comp-con sun-comp-shp sys-comp-shp tres-comp-con tres-comp-shp ult-comp-con ult-comp-shp vtk-comp-con vtk-comp-shp