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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Mycology Research: Researchers in mycology, the study of fungi, could use this computer vision model to analyze and categorize the specific types of mushrooms found in sampled images. This can aid in speedy identification of mushroom species during field trips or in lab tests.

  2. Wildlife Conservation: Conservation professionals could use the model to identify the presence and distribution of these specific mushrooms in different habitats from reconnaissance photos. This would help in monitoring local ecosystems and the health of different fungi populations.

  3. Public Health and Safety: Public health organizations might use this model in apps or tools to help the public identify poisonous mushrooms such as Amanita phalloides. This can prevent accidental poisoning and contribute to general public safety.

  4. Agricultural Industry: Mushroom cultivators can use this model to identify and separate different species of mushrooms during cultivation and harvest. This would be especially useful in commercial operations with a wide range of species.

  5. Food Industry: Companies in the food industry could use this model to ensure they are correctly identifying and using the correct species of mushrooms in their products. This is crucial for consumer safety and product integrity.

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Amanita Vaginata Var & Vaginata Amanita brunneitoxicaria Amanita phalloides) Amanita princeps Corner & Bas Chlorophyllum molybdites Lactarius glaucescens Lentinus polychrous Berk Lentinus squarrosulas Mont Macrolepiota gracilenta Mycoamaranthus cambodgensis Pleurotus pulmonarius Schizophylllum commune Scleroderma sinnamariense เห็ดไข่หงษ์

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