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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Traffic Monitoring: The "matriculas todas" model can be used to identify and classify license plates in real-time or from recorded videos, thereby assisting in traffic rule enforcement and identifying vehicles involved in illegal activities.

  2. Parking Management: The model can be employed in parking lots for automatic vehicle identification. By recognizing license plates, this system can provide data on usage patterns, allow for automated payment methods, and help to ensure only authorized vehicles are in the lot.

  3. Toll Booth Automation: The model can be employed for automated toll collections. With its ability to classify license plates, vehicles can be charged accordingly without the need for manual interference, speeding up the process and reducing traffic congestion.

  4. Vehicle tracking in Logistics: Logistic companies can use this model to track their fleet. By identifying the license plate, they can keep a record of vehicles' movement, location, and timings, leading to better management and operational efficiency.

  5. Law Enforcement: The police and other public safety organizations could use this model to identify stolen vehicles, vehicles involved in crimes or accidents, or to find vehicles associated with missing persons. By running surveillance or dash-cam footage through the model, they can classify and locate needed vehicles more efficiently.

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