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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Home Inventory Management: The "ifly" model can be integrated into applications that aim to manage home inventory. By taking photos of different areas within a home, users can keep track of their belongings like furniture, electronics, and other household items in a specified category.

  2. Intelligent Shopping Assistants: The model can be used in ecommerce platforms. It can identify particular objects in the user's home and suggest similar or complementary products. For instance, if a user has a green chair, the model can suggest matching green sofas or other related furniture.

  3. Dietary Tracking Applications: "ifly" can assist users in tracking their dietary habits by recognizing photographed meals and ingredients, such as apples, nuts, and noodles.

  4. Pet Identification and Care Solutions: Applications can utilize this computer vision model to help users identify their pet's breed (dog, cat) or other pets like parrots. It could also provide relevant care tips based on the breed identification.

  5. Home Design Software: The variety of colour-specific objects, like 'sofa_yellow' or 'bed_grey', can be used in home design software to scan a room and suggest color-coordinated designs or maybe what objects are missing in a room for a balanced setup.

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Object Detection




apple, bed_black, bed_grey, bed_mix, bed_white, cat, cavy, chair_green, dog, food, fork, noodles, nut, parrot, person, sofa_green, sofa_orange, sofa_white, sofa_yellow, spoon, spoon_mix, table_black, table_grey, table_simple, teapot, tv_black, tv_blue, tv_mix, tv_view

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