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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Quality Control in Manufacturing: The model can be used in an assembly line to identify any hex nuts that haven't been measured or categorized properly, enhancing the overall efficiency and quality of production.

  2. Sorting and Inventory Management: The model can be implemented in warehouses or hardware stores to automatically sort or count hex nuts based on their class, thereby maintaining an accurate inventory.

  3. Automated Assembly Machines: In factories where electronic products or machinery are assembled, the model can ensure the correct type and class of hex nuts are used, reducing errors and rework.

  4. Recycling Centers: The model can be applied at recycling centers to identify and sort different classes of hex nuts, assisting in recycling metals efficiently.

  5. Educational Purposes: The model can be used as a tool in technical and vocational institutes to help students learn and identify different types of hex nuts, supporting their understanding of mechanical components.

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