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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Autonomous Vehicles Navigation: This model could be applied for autonomous vehicles to identify different types of traffic signs and scenarios. It can help in detecting and interpreting different signals and elements on the road including crosswalks, stop signs, sharp turns, priority roads, expressways, etc.

  2. Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS): "caroloNewDataset" could be used to develop or enhance Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems. The model could provide critical information about the road and traffic rules in real-time, increasing overall driving safety.

  3. Traffic Management Systems: The model could be implemented in traffic management systems to detect and monitor different traffic situations for analysis and control purposes, like identification of parking zones, barred areas, pedestrian islands, and so on.

  4. Virtual Driving Learning Tools: This model could be used in simulators or virtual reality to create realistic environments for driving instruction. It can help learners practice recognizing different traffic signs and situations.

  5. Urban Planning: This model could help urban planners in evaluating and designing traffic flow and road safety measures in towns or cities by simulating various circumstances such as sharp turns, crosswalks, expressway ends, etc.

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Object Detection




ZoneBeginning30, ZoneEnd30, barredArea, crosswalk, downhillGrade10, expresswayEnd, mandatoryTurnRight, nopassingBeginning, nopassingEnd, obstacle, parkingZone, pedestrianIsland, priorityRoad, sharpTurnLeft, sharpTurnRight, stop, upphillGrade10

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