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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Restaurant Menu Assistance: Mobile applications can use this model to assist customers in identifying and understanding Korean food dishes from a menu - especially useful for non-native speakers or people not familiar with Korean cuisine.

  2. Cooking Applications: Food websites, cooking apps or blogs focused on Korean cooking can use this model to help users identify ingredients and finished dishes, and provide relevant recipes accordingly.

  3. Health and Diet Apps: This model can be integrated into diet tracking apps, allowing users to take pictures of their Korean meals to provide automatic nutritional information about their food.

  4. Cultural Education: The model can be used in educational tools, mobile apps, or web platforms to teach others about Korean food and culture.

  5. Food Inventory Management: Restaurants or food service businesses that serve Korean cuisine can use this model for automatic inventory monitoring of different dishes or ingredients, by analyzing CCTV or other video feed.

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Braised lotus roots Dongchimi Japchae Kimchi Kimchi stew Korean rib Korean style raw beef Seasoned bean sprouts Udon baek Kimchi banquet noodles bean sprout soup beef-bone soup bellflower greens bibimbap boiled fish paste soup budaejjigae bulgogi chonggak Kimchi cucumber kimchi cup rice dried pollack soup eel fried rice green onion Kimchi grilled mackerel janjorim jeyuk bokkeum memil soba miso soup nabak Kimchi naengMyeon pickled sesame leaf pig hocks pork belly radish Kimchi rice rice ball rice roll seasoned bean sprouts seasoned bellflower root seasoned bracken seasoned zucchini seaweed seaweed soup shellfish soup spicy yuke jang spinach greens stewed mackerel stir-fried anchovies young radish Kimchi

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