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Object Detection

Surgery Computer Vision Project


1001 images
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Object Detection



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CC BY 4.0


Allis Forceps Army Navy Retractor Artery Forceps Babcock Forceps Backhaus Towel Clamp Bandage Sciccors Catheter Tray Cheatle Forceps Curved Mayo Czerny Retractor Deaver Retractor Desjardin Forceps Disscting Forceps (Plain) Disscting Forceps (tooth) Doyel Instestinal Forceps Doyen Cross Action Towel Clamp Eye Intestinal Forceps Hrrington retractor Jones Towel Clamp Kelly Retractor Kidney Tray Knife handle Kocher Forceps Lane Tissue Forceps Langenbach Retractor Metzenbaum Sciccors Morris Retractor Needle Holder Protoscope Randall Rectangle Cholecystectomy Forceps Right Angle Colon Clamp Self Retractor Senn Retractor Skin Stapler Sponge Bowl Sponge Holding Forceps Stapler Remover Straight Mayo Suction Tube Nozzle Surgical blade Urethral Dilators
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