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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Autonomous Vehicle Navigation: The model can be used to identify traffic signs in real-time to assist autonomous vehicles in their navigation and decision-making processes. It could enable self-driving vehicles to follow speed limits, yield to signs, and take the appropriate action at intersections, thus improving safety.

  2. Traffic Monitoring Systems: It can be integrated into traffic monitoring systems to track compliance with traffic rules and identify infractions. For instance, it can detect when vehicles exceed the speed limit or fail to yield where required and report such cases for appropriate actions.

  3. Driving Assistant Applications: A driving assistant app can implement this model to provide audio and visual alerts to drivers about upcoming traffic signs, helping to increase driver's awareness and reduce the chances of traffic infractions and accidents.

  4. Traffic Sign Inventory: Municipalities or highway authorities could use this model to keep an inventory of traffic signs across a city or highway, ensuring the signs are in the right condition and position.

  5. Virtual Reality (VR) Driving Simulations: This model can be used to improve VR driving simulations, providing a more realistic environment by identifying and reacting to virtual traffic signs.

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20 21 22 Ahead only Beaware of icesnow Bumpy road Children Crossing Dangerous curve left Dangerous curve right Double curve End Speed + Passing limits End no passing veh 3.5 tons End of no passing General caution Go Stright or Left Go Stright or Right Keep Left Keep Right No entry No passing No passing veh over 3.5 tons No vechiels Pedestrains Right-of-way at intersection Road Narrows on The Right Road Work Roundabout mandatory Slippery road Traffic Signals Turn Left Ahead Turn Right Ahead Wild Animals Crossing Yield after ahead only before bycycle crossing children crossing end of speed limit (80 Km/h) priority road roundabout Mandatory speed limit (100 Km/h) speed limit (120 Km/h) speed limit (20 Km/h) speed limit (30 Km/h) speed limit (50 Km/h) speed limit (60 Km/h) speed limit (70 Km/h) speed limit (80 Km/h) stop turn left ahead veh>3.5 tons is prohipted

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