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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Autonomous vehicle navigation: Utilize the "Carla traffic dataset" to train self-driving vehicles in detecting vehicles, pedestrians, traffic signs, and traffic lights, enabling them to navigate safely and adhere to traffic regulations.

  2. Traffic analysis and management: Implement the dataset to create a smart traffic management system capable of analyzing vehicular and pedestrian movement while adjusting traffic light timings for optimal flow and reduced congestion.

  3. Surveillance and security: Integrate the dataset with CCTV cameras and security systems to monitor and detect unusual activities, such as pedestrians or bikers entering restricted areas, as well as violations of traffic rules.

  4. Urban planning and infrastructure development: Use the data to analyze pedestrian and vehicle movement patterns, identifying areas requiring improved infrastructure, such as additional bike lanes, crosswalks, or traffic control features.

  5. Augmented reality for navigation: Incorporate the "Carla traffic dataset" within AR applications to provide real-time information on traffic conditions, nearby pedestrians, bikers, and traffic signs, enhancing user's navigation and transportation experiences.

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bike, motobike, person, traffic_light_green, traffic_light_orange, traffic_light_red, traffic_sign_30, traffic_sign_60, traffic_sign_90, vehicle

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